Austin Knibb has always had a passion for being behind a camera to create entertaining and captivating content. Austin’s interest in photography and film started out as a hobby and has quickly evolved into an obsession. His creative awareness and driven personality enable him to learn quickly, adapt easily and he is always up for a new challenge!

 Austin’s goal is to capture life’s golden moments and preserve not only the killer landscapes or events he attends, but to capture the memories. The early morning drives, the coffee drank, and the conversations with people along the way. Each photo means something; it’s not just the release of the shutter, but a memory captured that will be remembered for a lifetime. Part of photography is the journey and the places photography takes the photographer.

 This journey has only just begun for Austin. He has recently traveled to Banff, Alberta to capture the beauty this provincial park has to offer, and his goal is to take photos at every lake in the park. Austin is currently attending the University of Lethbridge and will graduate with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in New Media in the spring.