Film Featured in the University of Lethbridge Department of New Media Student showcase. Music and sound edited by ParkerPartII

Sequence of Albas Falls captured on the DJI Phantom 3 Pro. Albas falls is located in the Seymour Arm of The Shuswap Lake. Music written by ParkerPartII.

Just going out to shoot a picture of the bridge. This was a School Project for the Department of New Media in Lethbridge. Music by Epidemic Sound ( Music edited by ParkerPartII

Mockumentary involving Parking, students and the struggle of minor Inconveniences. Shot on canon rebel t5i. Done for a School Project. Music edited by ParkerPartII

Short video created to celebrate Strathmore Heritage Days. The video was created for a contest put on by The Fireworks Factory. Music: Prism - Armageddon Prism was the music headliner at the event, hence the music choice.